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Alex Rowbotham's Photos

Alex Rowbotham

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Alex Rowbotham's Photos

Alex Rowbotham

Used for books, magazines, postcards, museums, national parks and more...

Alex Rowbotham's Photos

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Alex Rowbotham is a British photographer and designer presently based between United Kingdom and Italy. His collection of images so far has been compiled from more than 20 years. The images appearing on these pages were taken in England, Italy, Belgium, Holland, North America and Australia and represent only a taste of the various places in which he has traveled with camera and tripod.

After leaving Northwich College of Art and spending a year working for an industrial photography studio. Alex moved away from his home county of Cheshire to study Photography Film & Television at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. Where he specialized in audio visual design.

During his final year of study he was offered a permanent position at Triangle Two, a leading audio visual presentation company in the heart of London. During his two years there as production assistant he gained the experience and the professional production values and processes that led to a freelance career as a multi-media designer. Later, adding 'another string to his bow', he returned to photography creating images specifically with multi-image (slide-based presentations) in mind.

His energy and creativity has gained him international recognition by achieving industry awards including 'AMI' in America and 'Images' in London. His multimedia design comes more from a photographic angle rather than pure graphic design and it was this that led him to his love of the projected image.

Designing for multi-image [multivision], has been his main focus throughout his freelance career and this also enabled him to travel, taking contracts in Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United Emirates as well as traveling for conventions and festivals, or just for fun to Australia, Thailand, USA and many European countries.This has become the basis of his photographic collection, over 10,000 slides and 50,000 digital images.

During one of these contracts in Rome he met his wife (to be) for the first time, in the mountains of Abruzzo. They now live with their son Oliver in South Tyrol (Alto Adige) the alpine region of Italy. Much earlier Alex had 'fallen' for the southwest region of England, Devon and Cornwall, and for five years worked with the students at Plymouth Collage of Art as part-time visiting lecturer. He still spends a great deal of time in Cornwall, and bases himself there whenever working on UK-based projects.

Alex has provided images for many corporate events and art festivals as well as visitor centres and publications for organizations such as The National Trust (UK) and the Stelvio National Park (Italy). Amongst publications, he provided photography used by science writer Philip Ball for his book 'Universe of Stone: Chartres Cathedral and the Triumph of the Medieval Mind.'

Photos can be purchased under license direct from Alex or find your perfect image today with one of the biggest online stock providers. Examples of work undertaken can be found below, or by visiting the photographic print website

At the Tate St Ives he led "Painting with Light", a nine day projections workshop which culminated in an exterior installation on the 31st October 1998 which coincided with the Tate's 'birthday' celebrations. It was a collaboration between the Tate Gallery, St Ives School and Humphry Davy School in Penzance. This idea has since been developed further and is now the name of a biannual projections festival, so far only held in Italy.

Pre-digital photography he preferred to work with medium format cameras (Mamiya, Bronica) but this was limited by the necessity to lighten his load when heading to areas that are often inaccessible to vehicles. Sometimes only taking a pocket Mini-Espio meant he was able to capture moments that otherwise he'd have missed. It is also worth noting that it is when he is 'camping out' he is at his most comfortable, and prefers the solitude of open spaces away from 'modern living'. Therefore people are often absent in the resulting images.

These and many more images are available, under license, for use in print, publications and presentations. A wider range of examples can be seen and purchased directly from Alex at or


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